Furniture refinishing can be taking a newer piece and giving it an antique look. Start your new project today with some paint and creativity.

Creating your own stencil with a cricut is an easy way to refinish a dresser to fit a more modern style. Don't delay and give it a try today. Free Cricut Templated Included!

When baby grows out of that crib, it's time to find a renewed purpose in the crib rail that only the dump will take. You can't beat cheap!

A Window and Shutter Refinishing Combo Must Do

With the abundance of old windows and shutters available out there, it's a perfect time to create unique and functional decor with them.

An Inspiring Way to Refinish an Antique Dresser

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Vintage Trunk Coffee Table: From Bedraggled to Shabby Chic

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Antique Hutch Refinish For an Outstanding Shabby Chic Focal Point

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Dresser Turned Shutter Buffet

Who doesn't love a full-on furniture gutting and refinish? It's a lot easier to read than do, so go ahead and take a look...

DIY Bakery and Lemonade Stand Charm for Entrepreneurial Kids

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Easy Storage Bench Refinish from Drab to Fabulously Feathered

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Composite Bookcase Upgrade

Have you been hanging on to the affordable furniture you got when you were first married or moved into your first space? Is money still a bit to tight to buy nice stuff? The affordable option is to give that furniture an overhaul.

Coffee Table Conversion

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Antique Trunk Refresh

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