Hi, Impact!

My name is Kristine, wife to my high school sweetheart, mother to three daughters and crafty DIYer. I was raised by extremely thrifty DIYers and have carried that passion and expectation into my adult life. I thrive on being able to create and have found I don’t feel quite like myself when I go lengths of time without working on a project or creating. From planning Harry Potter birthday parties to building a cardboard haunted house or side table from scrap wood, I’m in it to make the most of my ‘free’ time. I was also taught to believe I could do anything I put my mind to and hope to be able to instill that belief in others. You aren’t limited to what you’ve done in the past, so I’m here to give you some ideas, instruction, and confidence! My hope is to spread a passion for creation and belief in your innate and learned abilities.

When I’m not in my craft room or garage, you’ll find me in the kitchen making meals for my family, on the side of a sports field/court or at my full-time gig, where I work as a Quality Improvement Manager. My family likes to keep active with activities, so all three of my girls are in sports year-round. As a family, we hike, play games in the backyard, try to fit in some fun day trips and love movie nights with popcorn and ice cream.